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This is where I hang out when not attending Moola Moola parties.

Moola Moola is a magical money monster from the make-believe land of Lotta Loot, and the money minders are his colorful sidekicks.   Together, they are Moola Moola and the Money Minders - an exciting savings club for kids.  Moola Moola and his Money minder friends lead children 13 and under through the world of money and saving.  With names that tickle the tongue they make saving fun.  At the same time, kids experience saving for special items with their very own savings account.  Only a $5.00 minimum balance required.

     *Open a Moola Moola account and receive: Register, Cover, ID Card and Membership Certificate.

Reach the following balances and receive a bonus!

$5.00 Cash Can
$10.00 Notepad and Pen
$25.00 Cup and Ruler
$50.00 Moola Moola T-Shirt
$100.00 Moola Moola Frisbee
$200.00 Yo-Yo and Happy Meal
$350.00 Pictionary Coloring Book and Crayon Box
$500.00 Soft Moola Moola Toy
$750.00 Moola Moola Bank
$1,000.00 YMCA Membership (1 Year) OR Swimming Pool Pass
Plus, you will receive a special prize every time you make a deposit ($1.00 minimum deposit.)

All accounts will earn an annual percentage yield of 2.52 compounded quarterly. APY subject to change daily.


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